Coding tests: Tips to succeed

During the process of being hired as a developer, you will be probably asked to pass an online coding test. No matter your experience, this kind of tests can be hard and stressful. In this article, you will get some tips to make your coding test better:

1. Prepare the test

Master the coding platform

Take some moments to know the coding platform. Please, don’t skip tutorials. Some important things you should know before starting code are:

If allowed, use your daily work tools. Autocompletion and running/testing your code in a known environment is helpful.

Avoid distractions

Make your body ready

2. Code your solution

Understanding the test problem

When coding…

3. Submit the code


There is not a magical formula to pass coding tests, but taking into consideration things like these will make your test more achievable.

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Originally published at on August 30, 2020.

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